Multimedia experience

I am procrastinating writing this assignment by reviewing my online wedding album for the hundredth time. Obsessing might be a better word. After twenty-two days of waiting I was busting at the seams when this email arrived:

Hi Charlotte and Mike,

Congratulations on getting married! The two of you look great in your wedding photos 🙂 The images have been uploaded online and can be viewed by going to

I was at a work dinner when my i phone chimed. Knowing I couldn’t wait until I got home, I clicked on the link and entered my login. The connection was slow. Painfully slow. I am sure my foot was tapping on the floor under the table. My coworkers probably noticed I was ignoring the conversation at hand.

Then I saw this:

I am sure I let out a gasp and held my phone up for my friend Riann who was sitting next to me to see the thumbnail image. I spent the rest of that night and several that followed online. I was reliving the happiest day of my life. I was also uploading as many pictures as I could to Facebook to show the world.

When you get married you feel a lot of different things. You also miss a lot of moments occurring around you because the time goes by so fast. Some of my favorite photos let me experience the emotion all over again. Some let me pause and revel in it for as long as I like, such as:

The joy of getting ready with my best friends:

The exuberance of walking down the aisle with my dad:

The emotion showing through from my ‘tough as nails’ husband:








Receiving congratulations from complete strangers on the street:

I could go on and on.

For me, this is a recent and relevant defining multimedia experience that encapsulates all the important elements.

  • Multimedia should evoke emotional triggers. Check.
  • It should submerge you deeply in the content/situation. Check.
  • It should be easy to access and easy to share with other people. Check.
  • It should combine more than one medium—in this case it was the combination of digital photography with color-enhanced images that were communicated through blogs, social media and online sites within minutes of each other.
  • The elements should play off each other. The viewer should have a richer experience because of this combination.  For example, if I wasn’t able to download and re-post my photos upon viewing, I would have felt like I was missing out. I would have missed the instant gratification, congratulations, well wishes and funny comments that kept me smiling all week. 

Check. Check. Check.


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Disclaimer:this blog has been created as an educational exercise for my graduate coursework at John's Hopkins University
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