I am a communication professional by day and a graduate student at John’s Hopkins by night. I have nine years of communications experience in agency, public accounting, non-profit, and biotech sectors. My specialty areas are in internal/corporate communications with an emphasis on employee engagement, change management and global employee communication strategy planning. Over the next year, I hope to add social media to that list, and will capture what I learn on my journey here.

This space explores why we should care about social media; how it is changing the way individuals and organizations communicate; and specifically what I would like to see my company introduce. I am interested in your feedback on my posts, so I will keep the name of my company out of it so I can keep it public.

I will use this space to highlight what I learn during my course work. I will analyze and evaluate. I will find problems and contradictions. I will agree or disagree with what I am reading. I will also discuss the culture and technology at my company, a fast-paced, high-performance biotech company full of driven people who maintain positive momentum and remain always connected. As I begin to think strategically about how we can better engage our employees through our social intranet. I want to encourage an open discussion and healthy debate about what my next move should be.

You can also get in touch with me at charlotte.cosgrove@gmail.com, find me on Delicious, Twitter, Facebook, or drop your thoughts in the form of a question here.

*This blog has been created as an educational exercise for my graduate coursework.


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